GS-Foundation Batch By Team StepUp IAS

This GS Foundation Batch of IAS DARBAR has unique feature of mixing online,live and offline training programme.While we finish syllabus with our online platform we supervise you through the live session, Whatsapp call and even offline if necessary. Remember: It’s not just finishing the syllabus we can become IAS Topper. We need to go at least 5 levels after finishing the syallbus.

A Dream             
All IAS Aspirants have one thing in common that they all dream of getting the first rank. I remember that whenever I met any IAS aspirant, I found this desire in almost all of them. Now the question arises that what can you do to fulfil this desire of becoming IAS Topper. Is it just finishing the syllabus? Is it just studying for 14 hours daily? Is it just sitting in a crowded classroom or just watching video online? No, My dear IAS aspirant No !.

The Right Direction
Let me ask you one question. If a car driver knows how to drive, can he reach his destination without knowing the right direction? I remember the story of my friend who was going from Delhi to Lucknow but on the way unknowingly he took one cut and started moving towards Gwalior-Bhopal. Only after 100 km, he was able to know that he is on the wrong road. My dear friends, tell me one thing if the driver had switched on his GPS system, would he have committed this mistake ? Probably not. Also if a person who knows very clearly about Delhi-Lucknow road, would have sit beside him, the driver would not have commitedt this mistake.

Please Answer me another question. Let us Consider that a person wants to win a gold medal in swimming in the Olympics, will he avoid his competitors? In any competition, one should always know with whom he/she is competing with. Don’t you think the civil services exam is also a competition and the same rule applies to this exam too ?If we know what type of competition we are going to face, we can prepare our mindset for that. We can not behave like an ostrich.
Let us talk about the Civil Services Exam & the competition  you are going to face ? Let’s have a look
LEVEL 1 – You are going to compete with those who have just passed the graduation.
Most of the students are aware of this level of competition but there are many other layers that one has to be aware. Let’s see
LEVEL 2– You are going to compete with those who have been preparing for 3-4 years but have not cleared any stage.
LEVEL 3– You are going to compete with those people who have been writing UPSC mains thrice or fourth time.
Don’t you think a person who has written mains 3 times would be better than a fresher? Now the next level of competition is –
LEVEL 4– You are going to compete with those who have been facing interviews twice & thrice but could not get a rank.
Do you feel the competition has ended.No! Not at all. Now is the top-level competition.
LEVEL 5- You are going to compete with those who are already IPS, IRS, IRTS because they got low rank and now want to increase their rank. O My dear lovely students ! you are going to compete with those who are already selected.
Did you anytime realize that you are going to compete with those people who inspired you to jump into this preparation?
Should we close our eyes and say All is Well .. All is Well?
All the above things were said just to make you aware and not feel feared and even if there is fierce competition, there seems to have a silver lining.
Now, What is that silver lining?
You are seeing that many students became IAS toppers just in the first attempt. Kanishak Katariya and many other aspirants got top rank just in one attempt. Wait! Do not be overconfident. Let’s analyze why they would have qualified in first attempt.
If you think,he was an IITian that’s why he became topper then again you are going in wrong direction.many IITian I Know who are facing an interview for 3rd time but not getting any rank.Then why Kanishak Katariya can do this in just one attempt. Lets me give you a situation.
” Consider you start preparation and you committed any mistake in the first attempt and your one year gone, in second attempt you corrected the last mistake and wrote mains and faced interview but again committed another mistake and had to give next attempt and finally in the third attempt you became IAS.Now when you look backwards, you will find that If I had not committed those mistakes I would have qualified in the very first attempt”.This is not the end of the story dear.Now again imagine. If your younger brother gets inspiration from you and wants to prepare for this exam and comes to you. My Question is-WILL YOU LET HIM COMMIT THE SAME MISTAKE WHICH YOU COMMITTED? WILL YOU WISH YOU BROTHER TO GO ON the SAME PATH AND TAKE THREE YEARS?
I think nobody will wish that.You will make him aware and will not let him commit those mistakes which a normal IAS aspirant does. And If you do not let your brother commit those mistakes, there are chances that he will become topper in the first attempt or not?
Now my dear brother and sister come to Kanishak Katariya. In his family, three selected people are already there.Do you think they will let him commit the same mistake what they did.No My lovely students no.And this is the reason Kanishak Katariya became Topper in the very first attempt.
Your competition is also with such students whose brother or sister is already IAS.
Now My Question is
Is there any such person to guide you? Is there any such person to supervise you?
Here comes the Role of IAS DARBAR & Team StepUp IAS. We are unique because
1. We will supervise you,your activity and guide you to move on right direction.
2.We will not let you commit the same mistakes which others are committing.
Three things are needed to get better guidance and IAS DARBAR focuses on that-
1.Knowing the personality of the students
2.Knowing the understanding level of the students and
3.Knowing the writing level of the students.
IAS DARBAR with its personal guidance system finds different aspects of your studies and makes you on right path.
At IAS DARBAR you join as a brother or sister and not only just a student. And as an elder brother it will be our duty to make you qualify in the very first attempt.
Remember as your goal is to get top rank in the very first attempt in the same you, it’s our wish too to make you a topper. Only by doing this IAS DARBAR can show people why it is called IAS DARBAR.
With Regards
Ajay Mishra
Your Brother,Faculty and Coach

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