# About Ajay Mishra sir

# A man with passion to not let his students commit mistakes during their preparations.
# MBA From United Business Institute,Belgium
# A UPSC Interview Faced Guy.
# Having 23 Years Experience in Civil Services Exam
# He has guided personally many IITian , IIM students, MBBS , CA to get top rank in Civil Services Exam.
# Have guided the students of different states by becoming a professional faculty.
# Have been the director of StepUp IAS,Ecoguru,Guru Study Circle and Founder of “IAS DARBAR” 
# Now His New latest Venture is IAS Darbar where selected students provide their insights to IAS Aspirants.

Why Ajay Mishra Sir Became The Trusted Trainer Efficient Coach The Best Guide for CS Exam​

# He has his own experiences of facing the exam and its difficulties.
# He has personally seen the mistakes committed by students during their preparation
# He has personal interviews with Ex.UPSC members and has implemented those recommendation with successful results.
# He has personal links with Professors who have checked copies of civil services mains.The better insight has made him “PITAMAH” of answer writing training.
# To understand better the processes of UPSC,he has continously consulted Ex. Joint secretories of UPSC and understood its subtle aspects.
# He has been part of many Interview boards for Civil services mock interviews sessions 


Ajay Sir In Different Seminars Conducted By Universities

Ajay Sir with UPSC Members UPSC Examiners UPSC Officers

Some IAS Toppers Who Got The Rank Under Ajay Sir

According To Ajay Sir Follwing 4 Things Decide Your Success

#Your Pesonality

#Your Background effect

#Your Level of Understanding

#Your Writing Skill

# If Your Coach can sharpen these qualities, Nothing can restrict you from becoming IAS Topper

4-Things which Decides Your Selection In Civil services
Your Personality
It Decides How Much Pressure you can tolerate and How much can you save yourself from negativity.
Your Background
What streams, What successes and what failures your got in your schooling, College,University and other competitions also affect your mindset which needs to be analysed.
Your Level of Understanding
It decides how much can you grave during your study hours.It decides the next step of learning.
Your Writing Skill
This is the most important and the most crucial point for selection in UPSC.This decides yor selection,your rank in civil services final cutoff.
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Famous Quotations of Ajay Mishra Sir

# 4-Point to be kept In Mind if you want to get selection in UPSC- Have Patience, Be Aggressive,Maintain Continuity & Be in right direction”

#  “UPSC is like a tiger.The more you fear,the faster you run.If you stop, no body can save you”.

# If you have to go from Delhi to Mussoori, you have to be on the right road. If by mistake you are driving your car on Delhi to Chandigarh road,you can never reach Mussoori. So Find Your Guide and be in right direction during your preparation.”
# If I say not to make an eye contact with the tiger (UPSC),DO NOT DO that. If you say you can’t control your eyes, then no body can control the tiger too.(Tiger=UPSC).
# Listen to your trainer carefully, Ask the questions and once you are convinced, follow the instructions. Only this can save your attempt.”
# If almost one thousand students are getting final selection every year for many decades, there shall be a process. We must Find that and crack UPSC.
# “You are not going to discover a new star, you are just going to do what hundreds of students are doing every year. So Don’t panic ! just do the right thing.
# If You give importance to anything more than UPSC, then you may get that thing but not UPSC.”
# When your life is at stake,your family’s prestige is at stake,your friends hope is at stake then how can you sleep for 10 hours.”
# If you know that by pressing a single red button,your all the problems will wither away then press it.UPSC is that Button.Press It
# “Do Not Focus On Personality and Achievement of Your Trainer, Focus on His process and examine it. You will find it easier to know a lot about your trainer.”

Demo Class By Ajay Mishra Sir

Viral Video of Ajay Mishra Sir

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